Can you have a ‘profitable niche’, ‘laser targeting’ an ‘irresistible offer’, ‘killer copy’ and ‘crazy conversions’ throughout your funnel and still FAIL?
Yes – MANY ambitious marketers do, here’s why…
Sales Funnel MATH.
Let me explain: Every TYPE of sales funnel has a mathematical “ROI formula” made up of multiple leverage points that determine ROI.
In other words:
Just like 1 * 2 * 3 = 6…
Leverage Point 1 * Leverage Point 2 * Leverage Point 3 = ROI
Some sales funnels have as little as 5 leverage points, others have 9-10+ and EVERY SINGLE ONE impacts ROI.
Just like in 9 holes of golf, 8 ‘pars’ and 1 ‘QUADRUPLE BOGEY’ won’t allow you to compete with the pros…
A sales funnel with solid metrics on 8 of 9 leverage points can result in you losing money and getting crushed by your competition if you have just ONE under-performing leverage point.
For example, here’s the ROI formula for a SIMPLE webinar funnel:
ROI = (Price / [CPM / CTR {Link} / WRR / AR / CR / 1000]) – 1
Price = The price of the offer you sell during your webinar
CPM = Cost Per 1,000 Impressions – The cost ($) of your ad showing up 1,000 times (on Facebook, for example)
CTR {Link} = Click-Through Rate [Link] – The % of ad impressions that lead to someone clicking through to your landing page
WRR = Webinar Registration Rate = The % of visitors to your landing page that register for your webinar
AR = Attendance Rate = The % of webinar registrants that actually attend your webinar
CR = Conversion Rate = The % of webinar attendees that buy the offer you sell during your webinar
Notice, for this funnel there are 6 leverage points.
WARNING: The rest of this post might get a bit overwhelming for you (especially if you think you’re not good at math) but stay with me because if you can’t understand the math on a SIMPLE funnel like this, you’re screwed – seriously – especially if you need a slightly more advanced funnel (up-sells, down-sells etc) to compete in your market.
If you want 100% ROI (to turn $1 of ad spend into $2 of revenue) with a simple webinar funnel, here’s an example of what your 6 leverage points must equal:
Price = $500
CPM = $20
CTR {Link} = 1%
WRR = 40%
AR = 40%
CR = 5%
How do I know?
Because of the webinar funnel ROI formula:
($500 / [$20 / 1% / 40% / 40% / 5% / 1000]) – 1 = 100%
In other words:
(500 / [20 / 0.01 / 0.40 / 0.40 / 0.05 / 1000]) – 1 = 1
Here’s the thing though…
If the performance of one of these leverage points HALVES (for example, if your attendance rate goes from 40% to 20%) you go from doubling your money to just breaking even.
Simple, right?
But here’s what’s CRAZY…
If the performance of all SIX leverage points is JUST 12% worse, rather than doubling your money, you’re LOSING MONEY.
For example, IF your:
1. Price is $440 instead of $500 (12% lower)
2. CPM is $22.40 instead of $20 (12% higher)
3. CTR {Link} is 0.88% instead of 1% (12% lower)
4. WRR is 35.20% instead of 40% (12% lower)
5. AR is 35.20% instead of 40% (12% lower)
6. CR is 4.40% instead of 5% (12% lower)
…rather than doubling your money, you’re losing money.
THIS is why you need to understand this stuff, especially BEFORE you launch a funnel.
Without knowing these ROI formulas, 2 tragic things can happen:
1. You invest time, money and energy into launching a type of funnel that from a mathematical standpoint is 99% likely to FAIL for YOUR specific business or market, despite what the gurus tell you (Hint: Webinars are NOT for everyone and very FEW marketers succeed with ‘Tripwire’ funnels – Read my blog post ‘Why Tripwire Funnels Suck’ to learn why)
2. You invest time, money and energy into launching a funnel that is just 12% off being a potential 6-7 figure money machine but you QUIT because you’re losing money and you don’t know just how close you are
If you’re smart, funnel ROI formulas are your STARTING point.
Then, after launching, 80%+ of your time, money and energy is invested in improving 5-10+ leverage points… You’re focussed and all the other stuff (social media, blog posts, podcasts etc) doesn’t really matter, yet.
This is how I’ve helped dozens of clients and students grow 6 and 7 figure businesses FAST.
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